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What the Cows are Saying!

The cows are talking to you meat eaters who consume any type of meat without concern, thinking, perhaps, that mad cow disease won’t get to you. However, what about all that crap these farmers are allowed to feed these animals. Have you researched that? Are you aware of what you are consuming when you buy your food? Are you reading labels? Are you questioning? Do you realize that mad cow disease can turn into dead human syndrome?

Courtesy of Pasteur Based Farming on Facebook.

Do you realize this is the only body you get this lifetime, though you can get someone else’s heart, kidney, lungs and liver, maybe even stomach. However, if you can prevent that, wouldn’t you? Think about this: You think that your child is developing early cuz what? It’s the hormones; it’s the hormones pumped into these creatures, into chickens, too. They even feed them their dead, sometimes diseased relatives. It should be criminal, but, instead, it’s business as usual until you WAKE UP and change that! You could prevent that by eating healthy meats, if you’re going to eat meat at all. Find out what the cows are being fed and what stores are selling healthy meats. It could save you from a fate worse than death. Really!

In the meantime:  Be safe in your food choices!  Remember Tidbits for the Soul include the body because it’s all about Oneness.


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Give Yourself A Tax Break!

We can all overtax ourselves with self-criticisms. They’re useless. Believe me. I know. Let’s take this moment to fully embrace our whole self, especially the parts that drive us to discord. Let’s give our whole self a great big hug and a “job well done.” Do this even if you’ve procrastinated when you could have finished your taxes, your homework, your projects, or whatever.

STOP right now, and make a pledge to LOVE YOURSELF anyway! You don’t have to wait until everything is perfect. It never will be. However, the present moment is the only time you have for you to Love you. Yep, every lil moment of self-Love is seeding you with a better attitude towards life and its challenges.

Deep breath, inhale Love and self-acceptance; exhale self-loathing and feelings of drudgery. Ah, that feels so much better. Now, you can really welcome Spring! Enjoy!

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Let Not Zimmerman’s Hatred Become Our Own

Trayvon Martin, a life extinguished due to racial hatred.

When hatred is on the menu, too many think a taste won’t hurt. But a little hatred spreads and contaminates the entire organism. We are charged with staying focused, getting to the truth, but not giving in to hatred. It has not done the hater any good, so why would we think it will do us any? Yes, it’s hard to not be angry watching so many of our precious youth murdered. We must use our anger constructively. This is the time to show who we truly are as a people. We are a Loving people who have been told we are not worthy of Love. It’s a lie and we keep dying because the lie has been given so much power. Let’s give Love so much power. We must teach & walk the Truth. Teach & practice Love, Immaculate Love. We must learn new ways to honor Life and our example will be followed.

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Celebrating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 2012

Rev./Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On this day honoring a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., much like any other, we need to be mindful of our reactions to each other. We often judge when innerstanding would be our grace and aid the one we judge. We may send Loving blessing his/her way instead of hateful words or cruel judgments. Did you know your words reveal the state of your heart? Hmm, makes you think more about what you’re saying than who you’re saying it about, doesn’t it?!

Another important aspect of listening to and following the teachings of Dr. King is to realize that Dr. King was spoke strongly about racism and its affect on Black folks’ mindset, especially since everything black is denigrated while white is purified. Black is dirty and white is clean has been the conditioning most of America, even the world. When we realize the impact of negative descriptions of people, we will have a greater understanding of our reactions to them. We can use Dr. King’s wisdom to learn to respect ourselves and appreciate our differences by respecting each others’ cultures.

  • “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige and even his life for the welfare of others.”
    – Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength in Love

Yep, that’s the affect on me. Why am I tripping when the Most High has this. Let me just listen to the Divine directive I am given and move on smartly. How can I serve Thee? That’s the most important question we can ask ourselves. Peace is an inward journey. Shhh, listen first to your inner wisdom, then act. It may take a while to connect to it, but look at the harm you save someone’s spirit from experiencing when you focus on your own Self, your higher beingness. The person we judge may be the catalyst in our turning within and clearing our own house first.


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To Oakland with Love: Choose Humanity NOT Insanity…

Occupy Oakland March 15 Oct 2011 Photo by Dafina Kuficha

It’s clear that things are beginning to escalate as they did around this time yesterday. I’m concerned that the anger/frustration/adrenalin on both sides will crash and the result will be more of the same. Though some in OPD are interested in aligning with the Movement, not all police, in or out of uniform, will stand in support. Their job is to obey the commands of their superiors, no matter how immoral the act(s). I would hope that the taunting and anger spewing out last week is in check and those (anarchists) whose writings on the wall to the side of the plaza thatspeak to violence were only venting. This is General Strike was a crucial strategy and a World General Strike could be next! Right now, staying focus on the demands, issues and peaceful actions would be the best advice I can offer us.

I would ask all reading this blog to take a moment of Silence and envision peaceful resolve, even in the face of all the artillery. It’s crucial. Tactics on both sides need to monitor their actions and reactions and carefully direct their actions with the big picture in mind. The Change we truly need lies in how we treat each other. What occurred yesterday is a perfect example of how volatile this situation has become. Humanity not insanity. Our children and the world are watching Oakland. Peaceful awakenings….♥

Remember#MOVE http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/05/11/national/main6472296.shtml

Occupy Oakland March 15 Oct 2011 Photo by Dafina KufichaRelated articles

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True Discovery!

My Mother! Painted by Pat Hayes, photo by Dafina

Celebrating Columbus is celebrating the continual annilation of people of Color internationally, by any means “they” (the power that be) deem effective. Racism is one of the greatest distractors! Starving people is a one of many stategies! WAKE UP, World! Stand for Social Justice & Divine Spiritual Awakening(s) in YOUR everyday life! Our real work begins within! Peace is a revolutionary concept! Occupy your mind and heart with Goodness for ALL PEOPLES! ~ Treewizdom


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