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Children Learn Kindness by Our Example

This touching video demonstrates how a physically disabled boy’s determination to run a race  inspired others with insurmountable his tenacity, determination and perseverance.  It reminds me how very vulnerable our children are to the examples set in front of them. When they see kindness, they react with kindness. When they are in healthy environments, they learn the importance of kindness and respect of others. If children witness violence, chronically unstable emotional behavior, like a sponge, they imitate it.

There’s an age-old adage, “children learn from example.” It now seems so passé. Nowadays, children are not well shielded, and are exposed to things that would overwhelm adults. Even when parents are conscious of the importance of protecting their children and living lives they can model, there are too many examples that challenge good home training.

I love this video’s demonstration of the workings of a powerful pied piper who unwittingly aroused and amassed great compassionate and support from one adult and an excited group of children. Matt W. exhibits great determination as he runs a race with legs that can’t go fast, and even run unsteadily at times.

When Matt had been running for a while, showed brief signs of tiring in his stride, a man with unassuming generosity took initiative to walk alongside Matt as a walking support. Still, even when he seemed to slow down in exhaustion, Matt would draw from his apparently indomitable spirit and will, and return his stride toward the finish line, never veering off the track. Pied Piper Matt did not let his disability disable him from a race he no doubt have lost, but, winning the race, by being the first to cross the finish line, was not Matt’s objective. Matt’s objective was to complete the race. He won the race because he completed it. He not only won the race, his act of courage and tenacity inspired every other child around him to follow the pied piper to the goal of reaching the finish line. That made them all winners! Who said there can only be one winner in a race? This race was a win for everyone on the sidelines, too, all the joyous cheerleaders, and especially, for Matt’s mom. The pied piper led his followers to what was common in them all, to feel Love.

Altogether, a potent flow of good has been created from a moment in time, in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes an act of kindness is as simple as showing up.

Pied Piper Matt W. is amazing and the  coach, who gave Matt that moral support he needed, inspired the other children to do the same. Look how excited those children were for Matt to complete the race!  It seemed to mean as much to them as it did to Matt! Long live community spirit! Let’s get more of these stories in mainstream news.

We are witnessing too many random acts of violence among children and youths. They did not make up violence, but found way to it by example. Violence has become trendy.  The mindset to settle the score violently has become contagious, epidemic. This video demonstrates how a random act of kindness can also become contagious. We can help it become epidemic.

I firmly believe that we, you and I, are charged with becoming pied pipers for powerful, positive change for the world, one random act of kindness at a time, enlisting our children as our followers. What’s your random act of kindness for today? I know  you don’t want to stop with just one; however, one random act of kindness a day is a great place to start.

Thanks for the reminder, Pied Piper Matt W. You’re awesome! All I know is I want to be like you when I grow up! , And, by the way, your schoolmates ROCK! Boy Inspires Kids – Kids Inspire Boy


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