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To Oakland with Love: Choose Humanity NOT Insanity…

Occupy Oakland March 15 Oct 2011 Photo by Dafina Kuficha

It’s clear that things are beginning to escalate as they did around this time yesterday. I’m concerned that the anger/frustration/adrenalin on both sides will crash and the result will be more of the same. Though some in OPD are interested in aligning with the Movement, not all police, in or out of uniform, will stand in support. Their job is to obey the commands of their superiors, no matter how immoral the act(s). I would hope that the taunting and anger spewing out last week is in check and those (anarchists) whose writings on the wall to the side of the plaza thatspeak to violence were only venting. This is General Strike was a crucial strategy and a World General Strike could be next! Right now, staying focus on the demands, issues and peaceful actions would be the best advice I can offer us.

I would ask all reading this blog to take a moment of Silence and envision peaceful resolve, even in the face of all the artillery. It’s crucial. Tactics on both sides need to monitor their actions and reactions and carefully direct their actions with the big picture in mind. The Change we truly need lies in how we treat each other. What occurred yesterday is a perfect example of how volatile this situation has become. Humanity not insanity. Our children and the world are watching Oakland. Peaceful awakenings….♥

Remember#MOVE http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/05/11/national/main6472296.shtml

Occupy Oakland March 15 Oct 2011 Photo by Dafina KufichaRelated articles

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