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Every body needs Love…

Lately, I’ve heard story after story of loss, fear and desperation. the world is in an intense place. where msny are experiencing joy and fellowship, many are not.

Let’s focus our Love and atteniveness on our friends and Loved ones, and others who are going through hell trying to get some Heaven into their lives, as they trod through their life that’s beseiged with overwhelming obstacles. I am watching people who are just trying to keep it together. They need someone to trust to help take some of their load off their shoulders. They haven’t been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and need support.

Some have lost Loved ones; some their jobs. Some are victims of violence, living in fear. some are experiencing huge financial woes and are scared of the changes life is bringing. Some are homeless, hungry, or close to becoming homeless, hungry for work. Some have children with deep mental or physical problems. Some have those problems themselves.

Whatever the woe, a lot of people are feeling discouraged and either act it out or hold it in, not realizing they are a volcano waiting to erupt. They need our attention, acknowledge, if it’s only a smile, a warm hug or a kind word. We cannot pretend to know another’s story nor how it impacts their lives. So, let’s choose not to judge so quickly what we think we see.

Whatever the case, most people want to be acknowledged, heard, respected, Loved and to have hope. This is a time like no other, to be rooted in Divinity. Ask and ye shall receive. Money is not the answer to all questions or conditions. Love is. So, let’s choose Kindness as much as possible. It’s healing. And, since we never know what burdens another, we will feel better with our Kind response than a harsh one.

No one likes to feel diminshed. Fill up life with Love and watch your world change. Choose not to gossip, spread rumors or speak ill of another. Expect nothing in return.

Change the mindset now!


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Children Learn Kindness by Our Example

This touching video demonstrates how a physically disabled boy’s determination to run a race  inspired others with insurmountable his tenacity, determination and perseverance.  It reminds me how very vulnerable our children are to the examples set in front of them. When they see kindness, they react with kindness. When they are in healthy environments, they learn the importance of kindness and respect of others. If children witness violence, chronically unstable emotional behavior, like a sponge, they imitate it.

There’s an age-old adage, “children learn from example.” It now seems so passé. Nowadays, children are not well shielded, and are exposed to things that would overwhelm adults. Even when parents are conscious of the importance of protecting their children and living lives they can model, there are too many examples that challenge good home training.

I love this video’s demonstration of the workings of a powerful pied piper who unwittingly aroused and amassed great compassionate and support from one adult and an excited group of children. Matt W. exhibits great determination as he runs a race with legs that can’t go fast, and even run unsteadily at times.

When Matt had been running for a while, showed brief signs of tiring in his stride, a man with unassuming generosity took initiative to walk alongside Matt as a walking support. Still, even when he seemed to slow down in exhaustion, Matt would draw from his apparently indomitable spirit and will, and return his stride toward the finish line, never veering off the track. Pied Piper Matt did not let his disability disable him from a race he no doubt have lost, but, winning the race, by being the first to cross the finish line, was not Matt’s objective. Matt’s objective was to complete the race. He won the race because he completed it. He not only won the race, his act of courage and tenacity inspired every other child around him to follow the pied piper to the goal of reaching the finish line. That made them all winners! Who said there can only be one winner in a race? This race was a win for everyone on the sidelines, too, all the joyous cheerleaders, and especially, for Matt’s mom. The pied piper led his followers to what was common in them all, to feel Love.

Altogether, a potent flow of good has been created from a moment in time, in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes an act of kindness is as simple as showing up.

Pied Piper Matt W. is amazing and the  coach, who gave Matt that moral support he needed, inspired the other children to do the same. Look how excited those children were for Matt to complete the race!  It seemed to mean as much to them as it did to Matt! Long live community spirit! Let’s get more of these stories in mainstream news.

We are witnessing too many random acts of violence among children and youths. They did not make up violence, but found way to it by example. Violence has become trendy.  The mindset to settle the score violently has become contagious, epidemic. This video demonstrates how a random act of kindness can also become contagious. We can help it become epidemic.

I firmly believe that we, you and I, are charged with becoming pied pipers for powerful, positive change for the world, one random act of kindness at a time, enlisting our children as our followers. What’s your random act of kindness for today? I know  you don’t want to stop with just one; however, one random act of kindness a day is a great place to start.

Thanks for the reminder, Pied Piper Matt W. You’re awesome! All I know is I want to be like you when I grow up! , And, by the way, your schoolmates ROCK! Boy Inspires Kids – Kids Inspire Boy


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Hazards of Crowd Following

Rather than follow the crowd, RUN, in the opposite direction.
Photographer unknown

Why do we fancy following crowds when half the time they don’t know where they’re going? There are many types of crowds. Some are marching in protest, not always protesting in an orderly fashion. Some are marching, protesting the protesters. Some just are.

Don’t get me wrong, crowds can be fascinating, especially, if you like people watching, or in this case, watching giraffes. However, I’ve seen too many examples of late where people are gathered in crowds and unruly behavior erupts. Most times,  a way out has never been considered by those enjoying the closeness. However, in case of stampede or riot police, the whole crowd thing becomes much less exciting and much more of a nuisance.

Sometimes following a crowd doesn’t mean there are a lot of people around. It may just be that you’re following the mindset of a majority without carefully understanding all the aspects of that mindset. There has been a mindset that Muslims are terrorists, that Black youth are criminals, that white people feel superior to people of color, or sagging pants below one’s buttocks is cool, or that running from a stampede of bulls is a safe sport.

Now, you realize that by nature, crowds are not necessarily made up of smart people. Have you ever witnessed how quickly a crowd can become a mob? Just watch teenagers or the klu klux klan. Crowds can be easily swayed by the emotions of the just one person in the crowd. A leader can often become the one who has the crowd’s earl.

Crowds aren’t necessarily innovative either,  nor are they necessarily concerned about the individual.  Sometimes it’s just best to avoid crowds altogether.  They can be dangerous or they can just plain dumb.

Safety tip:  When a crowd walks  in one direction, walk quickly in the opposite direction. If an opposing crowd gathers,  keep walking until you find the path less taken. It’s  usually the one on the horizon, the safe one with a clearer view.

Disclaimer: We are not against all crowds, just most of them.

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Let Not Zimmerman’s Hatred Become Our Own

Trayvon Martin, a life extinguished due to racial hatred.

When hatred is on the menu, too many think a taste won’t hurt. But a little hatred spreads and contaminates the entire organism. We are charged with staying focused, getting to the truth, but not giving in to hatred. It has not done the hater any good, so why would we think it will do us any? Yes, it’s hard to not be angry watching so many of our precious youth murdered. We must use our anger constructively. This is the time to show who we truly are as a people. We are a Loving people who have been told we are not worthy of Love. It’s a lie and we keep dying because the lie has been given so much power. Let’s give Love so much power. We must teach & walk the Truth. Teach & practice Love, Immaculate Love. We must learn new ways to honor Life and our example will be followed.

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Motherhood Perfected

The mind is like a fertile field. If we contaminate it with the poisons of ignorance, desire, anger, jealousy, and pride, we will inevitably produce poisonous crops. Acting carelessly or harmfully toward others, or working for our own benefit at the expense of others, will only create limitation and suffering. Medicinal seeds—wholesome, virtuous acts of kindness, love, and compassion—will produce the fruits of peace and benefit. Actions that are both positive and negative will produce a mixture of happiness and sadness. This is the principle of karma. Karma originates in the mind. Our thoughts give rise to words and actions, and these have consequences. We cannot plant poisonous seeds and expect edible or medicinal fruit. When we begin to see the negative results of our self-centeredness, we understand why we must carefully choose which seeds to plant. Our future is in our own hands.

–Lama Shenpen Drolma, from Change of Heart: The Bodhisattva Peace Training of Chagdud Tulku (Padma)

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True Discovery!

My Mother! Painted by Pat Hayes, photo by Dafina

Celebrating Columbus is celebrating the continual annilation of people of Color internationally, by any means “they” (the power that be) deem effective. Racism is one of the greatest distractors! Starving people is a one of many stategies! WAKE UP, World! Stand for Social Justice & Divine Spiritual Awakening(s) in YOUR everyday life! Our real work begins within! Peace is a revolutionary concept! Occupy your mind and heart with Goodness for ALL PEOPLES! ~ Treewizdom


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